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Another feather in the LCHF cap!

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So, this just happened…

Several years ago, when I was still very new at this cancer metabolism thing, I was invited to be one of the faculty of the LCHF for Dietitians course being developed for the Nutrition Network, Dr. Timothy Noakes’ foundation in South Africa.  I was deeply honoured and recorded two lectures about the theory and evidence for using ketogenic diet and targeted fasting for chemotherapy side effect management. I actually recorded the lectures while I was still quite bald, having just completed my chemotherapy myself.

Fast forward three years and I figured that it was past time that I actually take the course myself and get the certification to support my LCHF/Keto journey.  So, last month, I watched all the lectures (including my own LOL) and completed the assignment. What an excellent course!  The lectures were indepth and well-presented by deeply knowledgeable lecturers.  Both theory and practical applications were addressed.

The course covers a variety of lifecycle and disease state applications, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, sports nutrition, GI issues, Alzheimers and aging, and epilepsy.  Low carb, whole foods nutrition has impacts on just about every aspect of life and wellness, and the course covers these well.  Five of the lecturers are RD’s, others are medical doctors, researchers and health coaches.  A stellar crew!

I’m very proud to be able to add this certification to my Registered Dietitian license and my Primal Health Coach certification.  Nutrition Network has been working tirelessly to bring the message of LCHF nutrition to health practitioners all over the world by offering courses, hosting global summits (next one starts tomorrow – March 24, 2022), providing a global LCHF practitioners list and hosting an online community of like-minded individuals.

Whether you are an RD, a health coach, a nurse, an MD, or an interested layperson, there’s likely something in their catalogue for you. From general themes such as Ethics or Philosophy of Natural Medicine to very specific topics such as Neurology or the Immune System.  This link will take you to the course page for the Nutrition Network.  It is an affiliate link and if you choose to purchase any educational materials, I get a small commission.

Life is a journey of discovery.  I plan to keep learning until I die. Not until at least 95. With my boots on!


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