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Me, the Online Instructor!

Well, today I screwed up my courage and did what I have been hesitating to do. Kind of afraid to do, if I’m being honest. And now that it’s done, I feel as light as air!

What was it? I had been approached in mid April, though my website, with the offer to be part of the faculty of an online learning platform for health professionals worldwide who want to learn more about low carb and ketogenic diet theory and applications. This organization is from South Africa – The Noakes Foundation ( and the Nutrition Network (an online LCHF health professionals training platform):

My invitation went like this… “I am involved with developing the cancer module for our Advanced Health Professional Training and for our new Dietitian Training. You have so much valuable experience and specialized knowledge regarding using nutritional interventions (ketogenic diet and fasting) for influencing cancer treatment effectiveness and effects. We would, therefore, like to invite you to share your voice on the Nutrition Network’s platform by presenting a lecture on your area of specialization. “

WOW! Me, an expert lecturer in my little niche of the low carb world, on an educational platform that will reach out to health professionals around the world!

But scary? Oh yeah!!! I’m a fairly comfortable public speaker – in classrooms, doing presentations, small group leadership, sermons at my church. But being an expert presenter in an online format, talking to the little camera dot on my laptop – that’s way out of my comfort zone. I also had to develop presentation slides, a reference list and learning objectives for my presentation. Even figuring out how to make my computer record video was new to me…

Well, today was the day. I set my computer on a little bench, up on top of a table in my office so that I could stand up to give the presentation – thanks to a friend for that suggestion. And I took off my chemo cap so that my new hair would show, and I just started talking. Once I got going, it was easy. I love to talk about this stuff and once I got over my own insecurities about not being “good enough” an expert, I just talked like I would to a client or interested friend. Before I knew it, I had a 40 minute lecture completed. Then I started again and soon had an additional 20 minute lecture done as well. The videos and slides were then transferred to an online site for pickup by the South African team, who will do the video editing to create the final, more polished, presentation.

Once the taping was done, I did a happy dance around the room and congratulated myself on overcoming my fear and getting the job done. And now that I have figured out talking to the camera, I can look at recording other things and having my own YouTube channel. Stay tuned for details on that…

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