Speaking / Media

Public Speaking

I am available to do public speaking on the following areas of interest:

  • Cancer treatment and nutritional strategies that impact on treatment effects and side effects.  
  • Ketogenic Diets:  The background science and implementation. 
  • Therapeutic Fasting:  The Science and how to Benefit from it in your Life
  • My Story:  Using Nutrition and Spirit to Journey through Cancer
  • Healthy Aging:  How to Remain Awesome or Return to Awesome into our Senior Years
  • Reclaiming our Health: Turning Back the Clock on Nutritional Knowledge
  • Using Low Carb Healthy Fats Diets for Reducing Inflammation
  • Weight Management:  Insulin Resistance and Making Weight Loss Happen
This information is for general knowledge only and cannot be construed as individual nutrition counseling. 

Workshops/Individual Counseling

I am available to do individual nutrition counseling and/or small group workshops on any of the above topics.  For information about my private practice as a Registered Dietitian, please visit my website at www.primal-rd.com.  These interactions would be considered a healthcare provider/client relationship, as governed by the Registered Health Professional Act. 


I am currently working on a book – Powerful Beyond Measure: Using Nutrition and Spirit to Journey through Cancer. It will tell my story of diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer and will offer strategies and interventions that I have found very powerful in helping me through this journey that is cancer.  

When I was diagnosed, I went looking for stories from other women in similar situations to mine. There were few that really resonated with me.  Because the technology of the internet is so much more familiar to the young, most of the stories that were available were posted by young women, whether on YouTube or on blogs. And there was almost nothing on the use of ketogenic diets or fasting to impact on chemotherapy effectiveness or side effects.  This blog and my book will be my contribution to the body of information about these powerful, and empowering interventions. I am passionate to get this information to others dealing with cancer.  

When it is available, links to purchase the book will be added here…


As a Registered Dietitian, I am a registered health professional and my practice is regulated by the guidelines of my professional organization. I am not a medical doctor and cannot communicate a diagnosis or adjust medications.  It is recommended that clients who are under medical care for specific conditions communicate with their MD’s regarding their intention to follow a Low Carb High Fat diet, a Ketogenic Diet, or Therapeutic Fasting, as adjustments to medications may be required. Each person is responsible for their own lifestyle choices and the consequences of those choices. The goal of  Powerful Beyond Measure and Primal RD is to give clients the tools and support to make choices that empower the best health outcomes.