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Finding out that you have cancer is life-changing. Finding out what your path ahead will be can be terrifying. Having to deal with the medical system, the Cancer Centre, the diagnostic tests, the specialists, the surgery and possible hospital stays – it can be overwhelming. It’s easy to feel crushed, paralyzed and powerless in the face of all the changes and uncertainty.

You can take back some of your power by realizing that you have a voice in the process. You are NOT a hapless victim. You are strong, and informed and part of the decision-making process.

If you are looking for someone who gets that, I’m your girl! I have the knowledge and background of a Registered Dietitian and Primal Health Coach, a deep knowledge and personal experience with low carb and keto lifestyle, a lifetime of working in the medical establishment, and most of all, a recent journey through cancer treatment with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer. Two surgeries, several mis-diagnosis episodes, referral to regional cancer centre and six rounds of chemo.

Through it all, I relied on my inner geek to keep me up to date with the research and recommendations around cancer metabolism and the exciting frontiers of treatment that this new understanding allows. The most powerful, and the most accessible, is how we fuel our bodies. So, with my newfound passion to share this information, I am introducing my first online product:

Cancer Coaching Package

I’ve been there – I get it…

Want a keto cancer coach in your back pocket?  How about your own personal Registered Dietitian?  One who understands the ins and outs of chemotherapy and medical treatments, and who is deeply passionate about eating well for maximum chemotherapy effectiveness and minimal side effects for you.  

A keto diet is not a cure for cancer, but it can be a powerful adjunct therapy, existing alongside chemotherapy and radiation.  It can support wound healing from surgery and reduced inflammation throughout the body.  Its use is evidence-based and research is continuing to prove its effectiveness.  Never mind that it’s delicious and relatively easy to do.  But there’s lots of keto diet misinformation out there and it’s important that you do it right for best results.  

The use of targeted fasting for chemotherapy is a recent development. It has been studied in research in a variety of animal models and is proven safe and effective.  Human trials are progressing slowly, but cancer patients don’t have time to wait.  My protocol is safe, effective and available for just about anyone. 

The Cancer Coaching Package consists of FaceTime, Skype or Zoom sessions with Martha Tettenborn RD.  These will be arranged to fit your schedule of treatments and your life.  It includes a one hour-long visit to get to know each other, hear your story and determine where you are right now nutritionally and how to move towards a well-planned ketogenic diet and implementation of a fasting protocol for chemo treatment.  The remaining 8 weekly visits will be 20-30 minutes each for support during the treatment period.  Nine visits, about 5 hours in total.  Included is a copy of my e-book Powerful Beyond Measure: Using Nutrition and Spirit to Journey Through Cancer (coming soon). Also included are handout materials for ketogenic diet implementation and a personalized fasting schedule for your treatment plan.  We will also connect by your preferred written format – Messenger, What’s App or email and I will do my best to be available to answer questions and offer support between visits. This access will continue for the 9 weeks of the program.

The Cancer Coaching Package is available for $750. I will be establishing an e-commerce link to purchase directly, but if you are interested in working with me sooner, please contact me directly at There’s a steep learning curve to establishing online commerce, payments and scheduling. I’m geeking out on it now, but it’s not ready yet.