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The Cover Reveal!

Things are getting real! The cover of my book has been finalized. Both front and back. The interior layout has been finalized. All the content edits, copy edits, line edits and proof reading is done. Book description and author bio are both crafted, in a long version and a short version, with tight word count limits for both.

As I have shared on my Facebook page, I have contracted the services of a coaching/marketing service for the publication of my self-published book. Book Launchers has been absolutely awesome in helping me to craft a book that I can be truly proud of. I have accepted every bit of help and creative criticism and direction that they have offered. Every time they said, “Would you be willing to have our whatever specialist look at your whatever?”, I said, “Yes”. Even the title has been recreated with their input.

And when it comes to the mechanics of self-publishing, they ROCK! I couldn’t imagine taking the time to climb the steep learning curve of e-book and print book publishing across the two main markets of Canada and the USA. Not just steep, but a freaking cliff face! Instead, I can rely on Book Launchers having an expert in every possible area of the publishing world. Every bit of the process is handed back to me for final approval, so that I can make sure that the message that I am presenting is not misguided in any way. None of them have a medical or nutritional background, so something as simple as the hook that an IV bottle hangs from needed to be revised to be as authentic as possible.

In the end, I have a book that I can be truly proud of. And a book that will be published in the best way to allow it to reach the intended market – people going through cancer. Using their knowledge of keywords to help searchers find the book, navigating the unknown world of asking for endorsements, reviews, creating a book army, promoting – so many things that I realize now are specialties of their own.

So, I woke up this morning to get a congratulatory email from Kindle Publishing to announce that my pre-order page is active. My book exists in the Kindle store!!! The print copy will be added soon. Launch date is November 19, 2020, less than 8 weeks away!

Pre-orders for the e-book can be purchased at the following links:

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