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Looking Forward – Finding Ways to Follow My Passion

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There’s nothing like the sharp left turn of a cancer diagnosis to make one examine everything that matters in life. After doing my deep dive into the research around cancer metabolism and my successful intervention of fasting and keto diet for chemotherapy, I developed a passion to share this information with others travelling the cancer and chemotherapy journey. Who knew that we could be so powerfully in control of our own treatment response?

And after 35 years (!!!) of being a Registered Dietitian, that I could find a new gig that totally consumes me and gets me excited every minute of the day? I listen to nutrition podcasts and books in my car, watch lectures on YouTube when knitting, update my website or create content for social media on my computer or phone every free minute. It’s exhilarating!

In order to continue with this passionate need to share my message to the world, I have to find ways to create some income. So, as a first step, I have become an Amazon Affiliate, meaning that I can make a small commission if readers click on my links and purchase products from Amazon. I have created a new page on this website called Recommended Products that has a list of the books and resources I have used in my long journey in Low Carb/Primal/Keto lifestyle.

My own book, Powerful Beyond Measure: Using Nutrition and Spirit to Journey Through Cancer is well underway and I hope to be self-publishing it in the next 3-4 months. Once it’s available, it will take pride of place at the top of the book list, of course…

All the books listed are ones that I have read myself and can recommend. There are many others, of course, but I have tried to keep to ones that are truly worth the read. I have divided them into topics to make organization easier. I will keep updating the list as new resources come along.

It also has a section relating to products that make following this lifestyle easier and more sustainable. There are a variety of kitchen tools listed – what I use to cook efficiently at home. Any eating plan that is based on using real, unprocessed foods, such as meats and vegetables, is going to require food prep, and the pots, pans, utensils and devices that I have linked to are the ones that I use to make that job easy and efficient. A good pair of kitchen shears will quarter or spatchcock a chicken in seconds, and without risking life and limb using a knife. I had bought chicken pieces at a grocery store for years before realizing the quality difference between them and home-grown whole chickens produced by my farmer friends. Now I buy whole chickens, but that requires that I deal with them myself. New skill learned!

Check out the lists on the page called Recommended Resources. You can get to it using the navigation bar at the top of this page. Each link will open in a new tab of your browser, so that you will not have to leave this site to reach them. Thank you for any shopping that you choose to do through these links. They help me out, and thus help me to have the time to continue sharing my important message.

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