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Happy Anniversary to Me!

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It was one year ago today that I received the fateful text from my girlfriend that had me lay down on my belly on the floor to do a plank and found the hard bulge in my lower abdomen. The start of a journey of the last year that has taken me from smugly healthy and strong, to humbled and uncertain, to overwhelmingly grateful and highly motivated to share what I have learned in the past year with others.

I am grateful for the wonderful healthcare system that Canada has for its citizens. Other than a couple of small prescription expenses, I have not had to spend a dime of my own money for two surgeries (one involving a 4 day hospital stay), six rounds of chemotherapy, numerous doctor and specialist appointments, countless lab tests and more expensive medications than I ever want to see again in my whole life. And when I got sidelined by Influenza A, there were two emerg visits, a 2 day hospital stay and IV antibiotics. And… genetics consult and testing as well.

I’m grateful for my underlying good health and the knowledge that I have gained in the last 8-10 years about the low carb approach, moving away from mainstream medicine to the point where I had the tools to handle cancer and surgeries and chemotherapy from a different place. An empowered place…

And I’m forever grateful to the people who supported me through this past year. My friends and co-workers, church peeps, my kids and close family, and most of all, my Mike – my rock.

It’s been quite the journey this past year. I wouldn’t recommend it, but on the other hand, I feel that I have grown immeasurably and am a different person with different priorities and passions than I was a year ago. I look forward to many years of continuing with my passions and giving back through sharing what I have learned.

Exciting opportunities are beginning to come my way. I am being recognized as an expert in my area, low carb/keto for cancer treatment impact. Several organizations have reached out to ask about my input for their learning platforms to educate other health professionals on this powerful intervention called Therapeutic Nutrition. The future looks bright for moving more people towards better health.

I have said for years that my life plan is to live to 95 and die with my boots on – that’s still the plan. Awesome health until the end, then go fast….

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