Using Ketogenic Diet and Therapeutic Fasting for Cancer Treatment

This course is hosted on the educational platform Udemy. It is available for anyone to have access to my information and teaching regarding how to follow a Ketogenic Diet during cancer treatment and the specific Chemo Fasting Protocol for reducing chemo side effects and making chemo more effective against cancer.

From the course introduction:

This course looks at the metabolic nature of cancer, its abnormalities and how they can be used to change how cancer responds to treatment and how side effects are experienced. These interventions are presented in a practical and doable format by a Registered Dietitian who has used them herself during chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. The evidence for this approach is also provided in a reference format for you to take to your cancer treatment team. This is a practical, real foods based, low cost approach that any cancer journeyer can use to empower themselves to not just survive cancer, but to thrive during cancer treatment.

Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and cannot be construed as personalized nutrition advice from a regulated health professional. Although the author and presenter is a Registered Dietitian, each student should share what they are doing with their own health care team and make their own decisions regarding their health journey.

Follow the link above to take you directly to the course introduction page, where you can sign up. Once purchased, you have lifetime access to the material.

The course includes several written resources that can be downloaded and printed. This includes an information sheet with references that you can take to your health professional. My hope is that by offering this information in a variety of different formats (book, course, blog or personal counselling support), that I can make it available to as many people as possible. We have the POWER to be proactive about our own health journey and also the opportunity to educate our own health care team about this POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE intervention.